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Montreal, Canada

Shemoi Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce their launch of "LED Depot Inc".

In the fast moving LED lighting world, you need a well thought-out plan with the proper lighting background to provide the best possible products in a confusing market.


Shemoi is in the lighting business for over 25 years and has the proven know how to be a crucial manufacturer in the specialty lighting business. At Shemoi "Light Means Life".


Since its start in 1986, Shemoi's Founder and President, Maurice, has been the guide and driving force to get us where we are today and for all we stand for. Maurice believes that accomplished end results and premium products are achieved through continually enterprising to achieve excellence. Never stopping. Never backing down.

Our Founder ingrains in each and every employee "responsibility".

Shemoi Enterprises Inc. is set apart by the coupling of these 2 virtues.


Whether our can-lights, puck lights, cabinet lights, recessed lights, pin-lights, office lighting, bulbs, under cabinet lights, task lights, power bars or any other of our products and accessories, we are constantly listening to the needs of our customers, and are always innovating to be at market par.


Shemoi Enterprises Inc. is dedicated to assuring quality and environmental safety on all its products. We pledge extraordinary effort to assure that quality is a priority while pioneering advancements in our Quality Control Inspection. We know that the success of any business is contingent upon the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, and we take their goals very seriously, as their success is our success.

Our Products bear certification from UL, CSA and/or ETL.


Shemoi Enterprises Inc. prides itself on their reputable customer service and quotation departments. We are committed to continuously improving the service and value we offer the lighting industry. From our advancements in technology to our advanced public relations, our friendly and informed staff are here to serve you with responsiveness and accuracy. We stand behind all of our products, and take responsibility. We offer a strong and friendly technical support from our experienced team.

Our sales consultants are highly knowledgeable and have successfully completed
lighting training. Our sales professionals are capable of solving any of your lighting needs.




at Shemoi,


"Light Means Life"